System Requirements

mAirList works on any standard PC running Microsoft Windows (7 or later) or Windows Server (2008 or above).

mAirList has very low requirements regarding the performance of your PC. On a current i5 CPU, a running mAirList process will typically only consume 2-3% CPU (excluding encoders and sound processing) and less than 50 MB RAM. The required disk space for a base setup (without database and caches) is just about 30 MB.

Due to the extensive support for several audio APIs (DirectSound, WASAPI, ASIO), mAirList will work with virtually any Windows-compatible soundcard. In rare cases, it is necessary to tweak some advanced settings in the mAirList audio configuration or driver settings. Whenever possible, we recommend that you test the compatibility between mAirList and your existing audio hardware using one of our demo versions.

For fully automated encoder-only instances (direct streaming to Shoutcast/Icecast), mAirList does not require any audio hardware at all – you can even run it on datacenter servers. Physical hardware is preferred over virtual machines though. Virtual machines will work if the Windows realtime clock is working properly.
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