Advanced Features


Using the multi-instance add-on, you can install and run mulitple mAirList instances on the same unattended hardware simultaneously. Each instance generates a separate set of internet streams, but all instances can share the same mAirListDB audio library. Our free Multi Instance Manager software makes the creation and management of the playout instances a breeze.


Define up to 255 regions and audio content to virtual Region Container playlist items. When the item is played, mAirList will split the regional content onto separate sound card outputs. Regionalisation integrates seamlessly with the built-in streaming encoder – all regions are available as separate channels inside the encoder, and you can create submixes for any Shoutcast/Icecast connection.


For additional workstations that require mAirListDB access, e.g. office or production PCs, we offer cut-down Management licenses, with or without voice tracking support.
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