Telos Alliance

GreyMatta sells and installs Telos Alliance products. Utilising Livewire+ AES67, the second-generation of Livewire, the pioneering technology invented by the Telos Alliance to convey low-delay, high-reliability audio over switched Ethernet. The Telos Alliance comprises the following:

Telos Systems

Telos Systems has become the industry leader in broadcast telephone systems and IP and ISDN codecs. Telos telephone hybrids and on-air talk show systems set the performance benchmark for the industry and we continue to pioneer groundbreaking technology that pushes boundaries and gives broadcasters the telephony solutions they need for reliability, efficiency, and the best possible sound quality.

Axia Audio

In 2003 Axia Audio invented Audio over IP for Broadcast. Creating professional radio gear that networks using standard Ethernet, for use in digital audio routing, mixing, and distribution systems for Broadcast and other Pro Audio applications. Today, Axia mixing consoles, digital audio routers, broadcast intercom systems, and routing control software—along with other Telos brands and 85+ partners—are powering broadcast studios around the globe, with more than 8,000 mixing consoles and 100,000 networked audio devices

Omnia Audio

Omnia is the brand leader in Audio Processing, Processing/Encoding for Streaming Audio, Voice Processing, Analysis Tools, and Studio Audio Processing. Its products are the choice of the majority of the Top 100 rated stations in America, and are used at most major stations worldwide. Omnia continues to push the envelope to give broadcasters the tools they need to amplify, customize, and perfect sound signatures.

25-Seven Systems

25-Seven Systems began with the idea to marry ultra-complex time compression algorithms that would allow radio stations more effective and efficient broadcast time management. The resulting product, Audio Time Manager, became radio’s preeminent solution for real-time compression and time-shifting. 25-Seven then reinvented the profanity delay with Program Delay Manager, adding the unprecedented capability to capture objectionable live content for future review. Now, 25-Seven Systems specializes in audio technologies and products that address unique problems in the industry.

Other Products

Other products include Yellowtec's M!ka mounting system.  If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us.
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