Database And Scheduling


mAirListDB is an SQL-based database backend for managing your audio library and music schedules. Setting up a mAirListDB is optional – you can just load your playlist from the file systems – but mAirList is much less powerful without it. In the base version, mAirListDB stores all data in a single database file on the local hard drive (using SQLite), and is designed to be used from a single workstation.

Audio library

Audio Library

Pointing it at your audio folders, mAirListDB will scan your hard drive for audio files and register them in the audio library. This is where all metadata about the items is stored, e.g. artist/title information, cue markers etc. The (virtual) folders you create here will be the basis for the music scheduling function (Mini Scheduler).

Playlist editor

Playlist Editor

For each day and each hour, you can save a playlist (created manually or automatically through the Mini Scheduler) which is later grabbed and played by the playout module.

Built-in music scheduling

Mini Scheduler

mAirListDB includes the Mini Scheduler that creates random playlist or music logs based on freely configurable hour templates. Thanks to the two-phase scheduling approach, clocks and music templates can be defined separately, and combined freely. Playlists generated through the Mini Scheduler can be reviewed and edited through the Playlist Editor at any time. For fully unattended systems, just-in-time scheduling is available through the Event Scheduler in the playout module.

Third-party databases

The flexible database layer of mAirList allows you to connect not only to mAirListDB but also to databases from third-party vendors. A number of database types (e.g. iTunes), is supported out of the box. Others can be added using mAirListScript, accessing arbitrary SQL databases, XML files or web services.