Remote Control For Professional Digital Broadcast Mixing Consoles

DHD Series 52, RM4200D, RM3200D, RM2200D


With the DHD remote control module, mAirList can interface with mixers from DHD Deubner Hoffman Digital GmbH, including the RM3200D, RM4200D and all Series 52 models, as well as the classic RM2200D. The connection to the mixer is done via TCP/IP or serial port (depending on the particular core). A convenient configuration GUI makes it easy to assign players and other functions to faders and logics on the console.

Lawo SAS

Lawo Crystal

This module implements the Lawo SAS protocol, also known as the “Diamond” or “Monitora” protocol. Using this remote control interface, you can attach to devices from Lawo (Crystal, Sapphire, Zirkon), Stagetec (ON AIR 24) and Studer (OnAir 1000, OnAir 1500, OnAir 2000, OnAir 2500, OnAir 3000) via serial port or TCP/IP.

Axia Livewire+

Axia Element

mAirList comes with built-in support for remote control from Axia Livewire+ devices via the Livewire+ TCP/IP Direct Interface protocol.

We are a Axia Livewire+ Software Partner. The Axia IP-Audio Driver (multichannel) is available through us (please ask for pricing).

Wheatstone WheatNet IP

WheatNet Blade

Through the WheatNet-IP remote control interface, mAirList can connect to any Wheatstone Console or Blade device supporting this interface. You can bind any remote control command to the ON and CUE messages from the mixer console, and also subscribe to SLIO changes on the Blade.



mAirList can act as an Ember+ consumer and connect to any software or device that implements an Ember+ provider (e.g. Lawo JADE Studio). The built-in Ember+ browser makes it easy to identify the parameters and values changes to subscribe to, and bind them to a remote control function/command.



The MambaNet protocol is used to implement remote control from the D&R Axum broadcast mixing console, as well as other MambaNet-enabled systems. mAirList exposes a number of MambaNet objects each of which has an actor that can be bound to any function/command in mAirList