Networked Database

Networked SQL backend

In addition to the local mode (SQLite) database files, PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB and Microsoft SQL Server are supported as backends. This allows the mAirListDB database to be accessed from multiple computers on your LAN or VPN.

Multi-station support

Database Configuration

If you’re running more than one station, you can set up separate playlists for each of these stations, allowing you to manage all stations from a single mAirListDB.

mAirListDB Server/Proxy

DB Server

For mAirList Clients outside your LAN/VPN, that cannot access the SQL server and network shares directly, you can use mAirListDB Server as a proxy application that tunnels both the database and file access for outside clients.

Auto Importer

Auto Importer

The mAirListDB Auto Importer monitors one or more folders on your hard disk or network, and imports new files automatically into mAirListDB, converting them to a particular audio format if desired.