Advanced Playout – Level 1

Stream and Line-In Rebroadcast


Using the “Stream” and “Live Feed” playlist items, you can rebroadcast Shoutcast/Icecast streams, or any audio signal coming in via the line input of your sound card.

Special playlist items

Special Playlist

In addition to ordinary audio files, mAirList supports a number of special items that can be added to the playlist, e.g. dummy items (non-playable items that can contain texts, notes etc.) and containers (virtual items that contain an arbitrary number of other items – useful for ad breaks that consist of multiple spots).

HTTP and SQL logging


In addition to log files on disk, information about played items can also be sent to an HTTP or SQL server in real time, for example to display the recently played songs on your website. If you’re running a Shoutcast or Icecast server, mAirList can update the metadata on the server, even if you do not use mAirList’s internal encoder.

Skinning and Custom Layout


The appearance of all elements in the playout window, and also their size and position in the main window, can be customized through skin and layout files. The integrated Layout Designer helps you to move the objects around.