Advanced Database And Scheduling

Advertising scheduling (Traffic)

Traffic Scheduling

mAirListDB includes a simple ad scheduling function that allows you to set up scheduled playback of spots according to a configurable day/hour/block grid. The number of available blocks per hour is technically unlimited. Again, you can choose to import logs from 3rd party software (e.g. uki.system, NaturalLog) instead of using the internal scheduler, or combine internal and external scheduling.

Music log import

For those who wish to work with an external music scheduling solution, a variety of import filters is available (e.g. MusicMaster, Powergold, M3U, etc.). Music imported from external sources can be mixed with content scheduled by mAirList’s Mini Scheduler, or you can use the internal scheduler as a fallback if the import fails for any reason. We also have import/export filters available (or can create them) for library synchronization with the most popular music scheduling systems.

Voice Tracking

The Voice Track Recorder is also available in the database playlist editor, so you can record and insert voice tracks into any future playlist.